Our Team

“A special thank you to our donors and our team for your dedication and hard work.”

Kaite Mbayo

Kaite Mbayo

‘Executive Director


Kaite B. Mbayo is the founder of DOMH. She has extensive experience working a response to refugee needs. A student at Bluegrass Community & Technical College. With 5+ years of experience working as a caseworker and interpreter in Lexington, Kentucky. Kaite was raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In 2002, she left her home country and ultimately became a refugee in Zimbabwe, where she lived for four years. As a community leader, representative of the Congolese community in Tongogara refugee camp; working in relief efforts with UNHCR and World Vision to respond to various health and human service needs. Kaite resettled to Lexington, Kentucky 2006. She worked for a number of years at local refugee resettlement efforts, shepherding fellow refugees on their journey to a new home in the United Sates. In 2011 she received the Kentucky Colonel award bestowed by the Governor of Kentucky. Kaite is a published author, a public speaker, a community leader, and an activist.

Yamukumba Mbayo

Yamukumba Mbayo



Yamukumba has been working with DOMH since 2015. Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, he has worked in higher education system of the USA providing direct services to address diversity, equity, and inclusion. Yamukumba attended Earlham College to attain his undergraduate studies, and completed his graduate studies at Kentucky State University. He resettled to Lexington Kentucky in 2006 from Zimbabwe as a refugee. Among other roles, Yamukumba is the co-founder of the Lexington Congolese Futball Group, a local grass-root organization aimed at addressing mental, physical, & social wellbeing through physical activity.

Hilda Ampadu

Hilda Ampadu

‘Safety & Health Specialist


Hilda Terkie Ampadu served as a teacher in her homeland Ghana. She attained 5 years teaching experience where she cultivated a rare knowledge of and appreciation for the strengths and weaknesses within the public education system in Ghana. Relocating to the United States of America in 2008 and settled in Kentucky with her family. She empathically provided healthcare to elders and persons with limited abilities. Her leading skills evolved into collaborative leadership role at the Church of Pentecost U.S.A Inc. She served as a Children’s Ministry Director at the state and local level. Her successful safety and emergency management skills and knowledge has elevated her as a safety advocate at the workplace. She is a member of the Graduate Safety Practitioners.

Personnel à Lubumbashi

Le Directeur D’e L’ecole Primaire (The Primary School Director)- Katambwe Kitumbu Donatien

  1. Proff. Kalume Aimerance
  2. Proff. Mwape Aimerance
  3. Proff. Shimatwa Wa Nkulu
  4. Proff. Kipinde Kafindo
  5. Proff. Hnore Selemba
  6. Proff. Masengo Wa Ilunga Georges

Le Directeru de L’ecole Secondaire(The Secondary School Director) – Masengo Wa Ilunga Georges

Directeur de la construction (Director of Construction) – Adele Nzungu Mbayo