Employment Services

Our goal is to support our clients to achieve:
1. Certification or licensure training.
2. Employment entry or re-entry.

The Refugee Career Pathway program provides refugees with access to quality training that fosters personal and professional advancement. Workshops, trainings and advance education programs will establish the skills needed to develop readiness for employment and thrive in the workplace.

The goal for Dreams Of My Homeland is to support refugees in attaining the knowledge and resources needed to begin a professional career in their new community.

Examples of services provided under the program include:

  • Assistance in creating personalized career development plans
  • Classroom and work-based learning opportunities
  • Career coaching and mentoring
  • Connections with educational opportunities, apprenticeships, and on-the-job training
  • Re-credentialing and credential recognition
  • English language training

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Employment Placement and Business Services